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No browser mining involved, or any mining of any sort


You will earn real bitcoin satoshis which you can withdraw

Weekly contests

Compete with other players for big prices. Scroll down for more info

Help Sam To Build Up His Wealth In This Colorful Clicker/Idle Game

Manage the building production to help Sam to get all resource he needs.

Dig the mine to find precious resources and real Bitcoin satoshi! We do NOT use any form of real mining, and will never do

Level up to unlock building upgrades, and level up your buildings to increase your production

Sell your production surplus on the market, and get rich!

Weekly contests

Repartition of the prices

  1. 25.000 satoshi + 5000
  2. 10.000 satoshi + 5000
  3. 7.500 satoshi + 3500
  4. 5000 satoshi + 2500
  5. 2500 satoshi + 2500

Compete again other players to win the jackpot!

Complete each tasks as much times as you can to get your place in the weekly top 5 players.

Get new challenges every weeks, and reach the minimum amounts of tasks to get your weekly bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Game Is 100% Free To Play, We Will Never Charge You Anything.
We Do Not Use Any Form Of Real Mining, And Will Never Do.
You Can Earn Coins By Completing Daily Quests, Collecting From Mines And Completing Offerwall Tasks
You Will Get Paid By Faucethub.io Withdrawal. All Payments Are Instant.